• What does DTMS stand for?

    It's crazy the questions people ask sometimes..check the dictionary!

  • Do you provide original work or template based explanations?

    The work that we provide our students is original work created by our staff of Nerds customized to your submitted requirements. 

  • How do you guarantee that the work you provide is original?

    Since we promise customized explanations rather than ready-made review materials, we closely monitor the work product of our staff to ensure originality. In fact, we use the same plagiarism detection software, as TurnItIn.com to ensure that the work you receive is original. However, it is important that you use the materials that are provided to you in an appropriate way so that the work that you hand in is your original work product.

  • What will happen if I hand in the work product the Nerd provides without any modification?

    As former students, we understand the pressures and time constraints school creates. However, the risk you take by violating your school or your professor's code of academic integrity is not worth the reward. The explanations we provide should only serve as a supplement to your regular study regiment or a preliminary reference to get you started.

  • How do I submit a help request?

    At the moment we only accept help requests through the Ask A Nerd form on the website. We hope to eventually allow students to submit help requests via email, fax and possibly even over the phone.


  • When will you start my help request?

    We will begin your help request right when your payment is made unless other arrangements have been discussed. It is important that you submit your payment as soon as possible to leave the Nerd the most time to complete your request.

  • How long are my bids available for?

    Your bids may expire at any time.

  • Can I see the explanation before I pay?

    Due to the nature of our business as a matter of policy we do not allow you to see the explanation before you pay.

  • What if I am unhappy with the help I receive?

    Here at DoesThatMakeSense.com we take a lot of pride in the efforts we put into training our staff to make sure they are able to connect our students to the Nerd best suited to help with their individual needs. In the unlikely event that you are unhappy with the Nerd we connect you with or the help they provide, you have three (3) days from the time in which you receive the help to submit a complaint or a request for other services. We will do our very best to get back to you within 24 hours from receiving your complaint. To ensure your satisfaction, we review all written material (i.e. study guides, reference materials, etc.) thoroughly before we deliver them to you. We also record all whiteboard sessions for security reasons. In the event that we find that the Nerd failed to provide you with the help you requested after a full review of the work product, we will redo the work product, provide you with an additional study session to make up for it, or credit your account depending on the situation.

  • How do I communicate live with a Nerd through the website?

    We have developed an online virtual classroom. There is no need to download extra software - you can access the classroom directly through our website. The virtual classroom or whiteboard allows you to communicate synchronously using audio, video, and text chat. Think - Skype, Aim, and Microsoft Paint all in one. This feature is currently in testing and is only available to selected students.

  • What is the difference between a whiteboard explanation and a written explanation?

    A whiteboard explanation is a live chat in our virtual classroom and a written explanation is, well, pretty self-explanatory.