The Post Graduate Guide

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All post graduates share a common concern; scoring a job upon graduation. Ask a Nerd created a guide filled with pointers to help navigate your first few months out of college.

Studying the Night Before a Test

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Students have busy schedules especially those students who are working part time/full time jobs. Our goal is to provide guidance on how to effectively study (assuming you have been studying for days) the night before an exam. 

Meet Your College Advisor

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The goal of academic advisement is to steer students in the proper direction through the acts of “recommending” and “suggesting” academic changes. Advisement is especially crucial to freshmen and undeclared majors. Advisors help students stay in line with their academic requirements. A typical initial advisement meeting entails reviewing personal and academic interests and ultimately identifying […]

Spring Break Alternative

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Students most often spend Spring Break traveling to warm climates to bask in the sun. Unfortunately, not all students can take part in such an extravagant trip. 

Foods for Effective Studying

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Students who often experience a challenge in staying focused may want to re-evaluate their eating habits. During intense study sessions sustaining a consistent diet is essential. The Ask a Nerd team created a list of  recommended “superfoods” that should be added to your overall diet. 1. Fish Fish is not a popular food, therefore a [...]

Stay Motivated this Spring Semester

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Spring Break is a few weeks away and students are starting to experience a slump in their grades due to a lack of motivation. If your grades are beginning to suffer then it is time to reevaluate your method of studying.

Choosing your Major

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Many first year students enter college as an undeclared major. The first semester is an ideal time for academic exploration.

Applying for an Internship

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Prior to graduation,most students are required to complete an internship. Ask a Nerd provides created a list of guidelines to help prepare you for the internship application process.

Effective Studying: Dorm Room Special

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College students share different studying preferences that either include studying in a library or dorm room. The library is a popular study space as it is always quiet and filled with students who are also studying. Although libraries are a popular study space, your dorm room is your only option when the library is packed. [...]

How to Rewrite an Essay

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Throughout your college career, rewriting a paper is not often an option. Therefore, we highly recommend that you take advantage of the opportunity.

Email Etiquette: How to Email a Professor

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Throughout college, students reach out to professors via email. Be mindful of your messages and follow our set of guidelines.

Academic Success in English Literature Classes

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English Literature can be a drag for some students, especially non-English majors. Students often complain that English Literature is challenging, as readings are not in Standard English. However, it is possible to academically succeed by staying focused and organized.

Win: $25 iTunes Gift Card Dec 2013

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Contest Guidelines

How to Ask for an Extension

December 6, 2013 No comments

Finals week is a hectic time and your work is piling up. Sometimes unexpected events arise that prevent you from completing final assignments in a timely fashion. This may seem hard to believe, but professors do offer extensions for certain circumstances.

How to Prepare for Finals Week

December 3, 2013 No comments

Finals week is a stressful time that is filled with long hours of studying. Although the week may seem never ending, remember there is a light at the end of the tunnel; Winter Break. We listed a set of tips to help you get through the next few weeks.

Tips: Stay Productive This Thanksgiving Break

November 26, 2013 No comments

Thanksgiving Break is a few days away and most students will spend their time sleeping late, watching television, and participating in activities that do not involve schoolwork. Ask a Nerd highly encourages students to make an effective use of their free time. Once Thanksgiving Break comes to an end final exams will be approaching shortly.

The Alternative to Thanksgiving Break

November 22, 2013 No comments

Thanksgiving Day is less than a week away and while most students head home, others remain on campus for the short break. Most students who live thousands of miles from school, choose to stay on campus because traveling home for four days is not economically feasible.

Tips for College Group Projects

November 19, 2013 No comments

Group projects are widely dreaded among students, as project responsibilities are rarely evenly distributed. However, professors frequently assign group projects because they help students strengthen their leadership and teamwork skills. Students hone those skills by interacting with classmates in order to meet project deadlines.

Exam Week: Feel Stress Free

November 14, 2013 No comments

College is widely recognized as the best four years of your life, yet most will agree that college is also incredibly stressful. Students are studying for exams, participating in extracurricular activities and spending time with friends all at once.

How to Create a Class Schedule

November 13, 2013 No comments

Before you head home for your long break, your new semester class schedule will be set. Now that you have completed your first semester, you have a better understanding of the class selection process. Do you prefer morning classes? Dislike Friday classes? Apply your likes and dislikes to your new schedule.

Post Graduation: Avoid Unemployment

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Each year more and more college students are graduating without any job offers. Although the job market is limited, students can widen job opportunities by taking courses outside of their major.

Facts Behind Daylight Saving Time

November 1, 2013 No comments

Thanks to Daylight Saving Time we are gaining an hour of sleep. The nerds here unveil the history and common misconception behind DST.

Students: Save your Money

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College is a balancing act. Students learn how to balance time, friends, studying and most importantly their finances. Throughout college, students live on a tight budget.

Should you Switch Majors?

October 16, 2013 No comments

After completing freshman year, many students declare a new academic major. Prior to arriving at a final decision, evaluate the financial and academic requirements.

The Benefits of Studying Abroad

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The opportunity to study abroad is a once in a lifetime experience for students. Studying abroad is filled with a multitude of benefits that instills students with everlasting values.

Plagiarism Prevention Guide

September 18, 2013 No comments

Plagiarism is defined as “intentionally representing the intellectual property of another including words, images, or ideas as one’s own in any academic exercise.” 

The Double Major

September 16, 2013 No comments

The double major route is growing more popular among students. If you are wavering between two majors, evaluate the benefits and drawbacks.

When to Drop a Class

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Early in the semester you may find yourself dropping a class or two. Before selecting the drop option, thoroughly evaluate the pros and cons behind the class.**

The SAT for College Seniors

September 10, 2013 No comments

Just when you thought the days of studying for standardized tests were over, think again. The Council Aid of Education created the Collegiate Learning Assessment Plus exam that is designed for college seniors. The test evaluates critical thinking, writing, problem solving and scientific and quantitative reasoning skills. 

Holiday Break Alternative

September 4, 2013 No comments

During winter break, if you are not vacationing in the Caribbean, consider taking a winter class. Winter session classes have countless academic benefits and are growing more popular among students.