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Who are the nerds?

Our verified Nerds include award-winning authors, college professors and business professionals who have graduated from some of the top academic institutions in the world such as Harvard, Stanford, Yale, and University of Pennsylvania.

How do I submit a help request?

Click on “Ask a Nerd” on the homepage to submit a help request. The help request form allows students to attach additional materials including a syllabus, class reading and assignment sheet.

How much does Ask a Nerd cost?

Submitting a help request form is free of charge. Charges do not apply until selecting a bid (price) from a nerd. Nerds review your request and place a bid for their service.

How long does it take to receive help?

A nerd provides academic help by the student’s selected deadline, which includes a date and time. Once a student submits a help request nerds receive an email notification and the bidding process begins.

What happens if I am unsatisfied with my results?

Students can submit a complaint three days after receiving help. The Ask a Nerd team will contact the student to discuss the unsatisfactory help and arrive at a solution. After reviewing the request, if the nerd failed to help the student we will reimburse the student with either a free of charge help session or credit the account.